Our Genting Guarantee

Cleanliness and safety measures to keep you safe

Stringent cleanliness and safety measures to keep your stay safe

Our guests’ happiness and safety have always been at the heart of what we do.

We have many safety measures in place across the hotel and spa. It is our Genting guarantee to you that these safety and cleanliness procedures are carried out to the highest standard so that you can enjoy the same relaxing visit you remember with added peace of mind. Below, we will run through some of the many changes that we have made around the hotel to help both our guests and teams stay safe.

Face coverings are not required when you visit us. Please continue to stay safe and respect others during your visit. For the latest official guidance, see here.

When you arrive in your room, you’ll find a sealed envelope with your welcome information and a document that explains our safety and cleanliness commitments in detail.

Public areas

All public spaces are fitted with contactless hand sanitisers and our surfaces and key touchpoints are regularly disinfected.

Housekeeping & cleanliness

Our award-winning team have implemented industry-leading safety and cleanliness procedures. For your peace of mind, we are using the latest technologies and the best cleaning products. We have removed some non-essential items from the room for your safety, but all amenities will be available upon request – delivered in a safe way. We have also developed a deep clean routine for our rooms (outlined below).

Check-in / Check-out

Everything in our hotel lobby is regularly disinfected, from surfaces to pens, key cards and trolleys, so you can feel safe from the beginning to the end of your stay.


  • Linen is stripped and carefully handled according to our new procedures as we send it for laundering. Once clean, it is sealed in a bag for protection before use.
  • Bathrooms are deep cleaned, including all washing facilities, toilets, towel rails and door handles.
  • Our full furniture clean incorporates every piece of furniture in the room, from chairs and tables to headboards.
  • Fixtures and fittings are fully disinfected, including light and lamp switches, plug sockets, fridges, coffee stations and telephone equipment.
  • Televisions are not forgotten. We clean everything from the remote control to the TV buttons.
  • Door handles are disinfected.
  • Windows and curtains are cleaned.
  • Wardrobes and their full contents are cleansed including hangers, drawers, safes, irons, ironing boards and hair dryers.
  • A final management check must then be carried out to make sure that nothing have been missed before the room is signed off.

Our goal has always been to provide awesome experiences and that goal remains the same. We hope that this information has reassured you that we’re going above and beyond to keep you safe and secure so that you can simply relax and enjoy your experience and leave any worries to us.

We’re excited to welcome you soon